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Traveling Takeaways for your Daily Life

Traveling Takeaways for your Daily Life

After the flight lands, no matter how familiar a place feels, you’re left in foreign territory, suitcase in hand and an adventure on the horizon. You take in the visuals, the smells, sounds and tastes. Everything is new and exciting. You walk with wondering eyes, admiring the sites and architecture and observing the people. 

As I tour my way through Tuscany, I can’t help but reflect on the excitement and magic that comes with exploring territory. It’s forced me to look at the world from a different angle. I become inspired and quickly pack that inspiration in my mental luggage, making sure I bring it home with me. It’s easy to arrive back home, memories in tow… quickly falling back into the daily routine and forgetting to use what we’ve experienced to enrich our lives. 

Here are 3 takeaways from traveling and how I leverage them to be more connected, willing to learn and inspire creativity in my life after travel. 


1. Presence: 
The time difference in Europe allows you to disconnect from the pressures of modern-day communications
and allows you the freedom to think more deeply and make more honest connections with your surroundings and companions. I try to remember this feeling and to take the time to disconnect each day. When I do, I feel more fulfilled and refreshed so that I can focus on new developments with a clear mind. I am able to work remotely very efficiently because I have started the day with a very long “morning”.
2. Open Mind: 
Each time I experience a new travel destination, I leave more enlightened, educated and enriched. This is partly because my goal is to be more mindful of those expectations in my natural setting. Listen more and you’ll learn something new. When I embrace that mindset I am more open and willing to learn new ways to be efficient as well as better ways to communicate.
3. Inspiration: 
What surprises me about traveling is not that it re-shapes my perspective each time, but that it unexpectedly brings so much creativity and innovation into my work. Some of the best ideas I’ve had come from exploring outside of my comfort zone in a way that only traveling can create. I come home with renewed inspiration and my entrepreneurial spirit is reimagined and refreshed. I take the architecture, designs, colors, sounds, art, music and lifestyle with me and try to use them as influences in my daily life.
So if you have the chance to travel the world, I suggest that you do it now! Traveling the world is a wondrous journey that helps you develop skills that can be beneficial in your personal and professional life.

Live efficiently. Live fully,