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10 Reasons Why I Believe In Nashville

10 Reasons Why I Believe In Nashville

Narrowing down ten reasons why I believe in Nashville was a difficult task. Inevitably, some of the reasons couldn’t quite make the list, because there’s simply much more than ten. But here you’ll find my personal list of favorite things that show why I believe Nashville is the place to live. From the city’s delectable southern cuisine, expansive arts and culture scene, to its place in history as an incubator of music and innovation,

Nashville has it all. So without further adieu:

1. Boundless Opportunity: an average of 72 people move to Nashville each day, and roughly 100 including suburbs.

2. Lights, Camera, Action: It’s one of the top music and entertainment hubs in the world.

3. Tomorrow’s Leaders: It’s the third largest college town in America, with twenty-one accredited four-year and postgraduate institutions.

4. Start-up Growth: Nashville ranks the fifth highest in the country, ousting San Francisco, Boston, and San Diego for most start-up

5. Unique Southern Charm & Architecture: The essence, history, and community that makes this town thrive and prosper.

6. Southern Hospitality: The vibe in Nashville is that of positive energy and incredibly friendly, helpful people. Even if you’re only in the city for a day, you’ll leave with at least one new friend.

7. Music City Cuisine: Nashville has the most delicious, unique, and sought after food in the country. From southern comfort food to fine dining, it has it all.

8. Cultural Landmarks: Historical sites, museums, art galleries, and prominent music venues contribute to Nashville’s charm.

9. Unparalleled Creative Energy: In every beverage shop in town, business plans are being made, musicians are writing songs, books are being written, and various forms of art come to life.

10. THE COFFEE: The coffee! THE COFFEE! Nashville is chock full of the best, hippest coffee shops. Hands down.